Phil harris kidnapped from south africa brought to nigeria by terrorists

00:09 Aug 5 2016 somewhere in nigeria


Dear sir/madam, i receieved an email from a man ive conversed with a year and a half. i conversed with him everyday via telephone and email practically. His name is Philip Jason Harris born 9/26/60 in dublin ireland. been living in toronto since he was teenager. canadian address is 1501 driftwood, york, ontario.

well he lived in the parklands south africa, at Bella Verona 7B apts was a civil engineer n built hotel conference center in blauuberg. which he completed.

he was in car accident in or near cape town on 3/12/16...and was admitted in hospital with daughter anita and his supervsor mr jim....sometime between 7/1/16 and aug 2 he was abducted & emailed me and said he was kidnapped by nigerian terrorist ahme he called them and said they want 5000 from me by tomorrow or they will kill him. now i believe him and dont want blood on my hands. ive notified the south african police as well (they can verify his existance or not) and also called the fbi who told me it was a scam. i do not have 5000 to immediately send...for ransom..so i am scared. i dont know his location but he emailed me from [email protected]

this is urgent a mans life is on the line!

if you want to reply my email is [email protected]
my phone is 260 341-9570
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